• Easter for Romanian Children in Need

The Feast Day of Saint Paraskeva

Every year on October 14th we celebrate the Feast day of Saint Paraskeva our patron saint. Saint Paraskeva was born into a noble family, during the eleventh century in the village of Epivato, close to Constantinople. She is a perfect example of living according to the Gospel; loving God with all the soul, heart, strength, … Read more

SPOC awarded $108,950 in grants during the first quarter of 2022!

By God’s grace and through the intercessions of Saint Paraskeva, SPOC managed to release grants to 14 partner sites totaling $108,950. This is truly remarkable, and this way Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity continues its mission. The support of our donors, and the united efforts of volunteers in the United States, Canada, Romania made this accomplishment … Read more

Christ is Risen!

It is the Day of Resurrection! Let us be radiant, O people! Pascha! The Lord’s Pascha! For Christ our God has brought us from death to life, and from earth unto heaven, as we sing triumphant hymns! (Pascal Canon Ode 1) In these blessed moments full of light and divine peace,  our hearts, changed through … Read more

Over $25,000 in grants released by SPOC for Ukrainian refugees

Dear Ones, The situation in Ukraine is dramatic. Around 3.7 million people have left Ukraine in the last four weeks. 572,754 persons entered Romania from Ukraine between 24 February and 24 March. SPOC has so far released over $25,000 in grants to help Ukrainian refugees. We take this opportunity to thank our donors and volunteers … Read more

SPOC Fundraising Updates

Seattle Washington- on behalf of the children struggling in Romania we want to thank “ The Holy Three Hierarch Romanian Orthodox Church “ and Fr Ioan Catana from Seattle WA, for hosting our flower fundraising event. Special thanks goes to our sponsor and organizer Ana Omusor for several days of labor of love to hold … Read more

Easter for Impoverished Romanian Children

In many villages and cities of Romania poverty is a cruel reality. In a frightened and confused world, many children struggle with hunger every day. The recent increased in fuel price caused a chain reaction and the price of basic commodities like food and sanitary items has increased as well. As such much more financial … Read more

SPOC Fundraising Event

Please join us for a fundraising event and conference about our Romanian children in need and the gift of giving. Location: Three Holy Hierarchs Orthodox Church 6402 226th St SW Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 Silent auction with floral arrangements Speaker: Mariana Cuceu, MD, MPH President of Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity

Emergency Fund for the Ukrainian Refugees To Romania

Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity in partnership with The Romanian Orthodox Metropolia of The Americas joins the exceptional initiative of the Archdiocese of Suceava and Radauti in support of the Ukrainian war refugees in transit or intending to stay on the Romanian territory. The fundraiser will assist the monasteries and parishes in the diocese that have … Read more

Saint Onufrie Social Settlement, Cluj, Romania

Site Progress to Date SPOC’s partnership with Saint Onufrie Social Settlement started in 2015. It is to date one of our longest beneficiaries and a major investment site. The site offers accommodation in two separate residential houses which are fully operational and host about 20 abandoned children. The two family-style houses for the Protection of … Read more

St. Nicholas Parish, Tăutești, Iași, Romania

Site Progress to Date Since the beginning of his mission in Tăutești village, Father Vlad Chiriac made heroic efforts to rehabilitate the historical and cultural values of the village. Father Vlad performs religious, educational and social activities with all the children in his parish. Father Vlad has made an amazing accomplishment for this village, the … Read more

Holy Archangels Parish, Silistea, Dolhasca, Suceava, Romania

Site Progress to Date Since the beginning of his mission in Silistea Noua village, Father Mihail Agafitei wanted to form a group of young people, children, with whom he could carry out a whole activity of knowledge, of recognition of the Romanian village, of rediscovery of the Christian and Romanian traditional values. The program that … Read more