Financial Accountability

Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity is committed to maintaining low administrative and fundraising costs so that more funds can go directly to helping orphan children from Romania. Over 90% of Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity’s resources are spent on humanitarian relief.

In order for our finances to meet the standards of accountability, efficiency and effectiveness, Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity maintains these controls:

  • Financial Operations are supervised by the President, Finance Committee and auditors
  • Periodic internal reviews conducted by the President
  • To download and view the independent annual audits click here:  2013, 2012, 2011
  • To download and view the annual income statements click here: 2013, 2012, 2011
  • To download and view the Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity four year financial growth report

Saint Paraskeva Orthodox charity’s Tax Exempt Status

Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity is registered tax exempt charity with the Internal Revenue Service.

How does Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity Function?

Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity will identify priority needs for orphan children in Romania, in consultation with the local Orthodox Church, and other authorities and develop clear program goals.

Projects will be carefully supervised. No funds will be disbursed without written agreements between Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity and our counterpart regarding project plans, monitoring of timelines and implementation, financial management, evaluation and reporting.

All programs will be evaluated and audited on an annual basis.