The Holy Archangels Association of Vatra Dornei, Suceava, Romania

Site Progress to Date

The Holy Archangels Association of Vatra Dornei was founded in 2009, near Podul-Coșnei Monastery, by the local priest Father Mihai Negrea, with the aim of helping the poorest community resident’s children in need of a hot meal and school support. The association is providing daily meals for 135 children​ and the on-site family center is the permanent home for 10 children​. In addition, the children are assisted with numerous expenses related to school travel, school supplies, attending school camps, sportswear, and supervising personnel.

SPOC President Mariana Cuceu with Miss Iulia Negrea and children from Vatra Dornei social settlement while visiting the project in the fall of 2021

SPOC Contributions

A total of $30,500 has been granted to this association starting in 2019 until October of 2022.

The financial support has been granted towards: utility bills, food for 135 children; educational expenses; purchase of winter clothes and shoes for children.