Steven Bynum

Romania and its people are always close to my heart. I fondly remember the first time I witnessed Romanian worship. I was overwhelmed by the piety, tenderness and love they exhibited when ALL parishioners approached the Holy Gospel to touch it, and to touch one another, as the Gospel of the day was read in church. It was at this moment that I knew I had found my home as a new convert to the Holy Orthodox Church.  When Mariana Cuceu first told me of Saint Paraskeva and the blessed miracles she performed, and continues to perform, I knew that I must give whatever support I could to assist this blessed Saint in the healing and love she shares with us all from Heaven. As a guest on the talk show I produce, Worldview on WBEZ radio in Chicago, Ms. Cuceu revealed to our audience how Saint Paraskeva unifies the Romanian people through an unbreakable circle of Faith, strength and love. I encourage all to give whatever they can – be it prayers, sweat or currency, to assist Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity in giving comfort and hope to God’s blessed children. This Holy work truly embodies Matthew Chapter 25: verses 31-45.

May the prayers of our Holy Fathers, our Blessed Mother and all of the Saints continue to be with the workers and children of Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity and with the Romanian people.

Steven D. BYNUM
A Most Unworthy Slave of Christ
Senior Producer at WBEZ/Chicago Public Media

* * *

Alexandru Darida

Open your heart!

The story of the Lotus is very powerful. Underneath the surface the Lotus is surrounded by mud and muck, dirty rough conditions. Despite these circumstances the flower maintains strength and pushes aside each of these dirty obstacles as it makes its way to clear surface. We as the Lotus could grow naturally toward the warmth and light of the Truth, Love and Compassion. There are many children that live in poverty and they can never make it to the surface so they can blossom. They are eager to feel the sunshine of the life. We all can rise above our circumstances and help others. The conditions that produce beautiful life are not always ideal but that never stops the Lotus from rising through adversity opening its petals and blossoming in the sun. Sure we can relate to this Lotus and see ourself in this story.

Alexandru DARIDA

Internationally acclaimed artist and member of the Romanian American Academy of Arts and Science