The Feast Day of Saint Paraskeva

Every year on October 14th we celebrate the Feast day of Saint Paraskeva our patron saint.

Saint Paraskeva was born into a noble family, during the eleventh century in the village of Epivato, close to Constantinople.

She is a perfect example of living according to the Gospel; loving God with all the soul, heart, strength, and the neighbour as oneself.

The miracles of Saint Paraskeva for more than one thousand years touched in profound ways the lives of millions people throughout the world, by providing for those in need, soothing pains, comforting the sorrowful.

The life of Saint Paraskeva is an invitation to us all to join the call in serving and feeding the poor from wherever we are.

On this blessed day we express our gratitude to our beloved protector Saint Paraskeva for Her intercession in prayers and guidance in all these years. Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity continued to be faithful to its mission, and in spite of the economic hardships of this year it was successful in offering relief to thousands of impoverished Romanian children. By God’s grace, through the intercession prayers of Saint Paraskeva, and the generous support of our donors, SPOC released, on the first 3/4 of 2022, grants totalling 183,150, representing financial support to over 20 sites in the most disadvantaged areas of Romania. This financial relief addressed urgent needs in sheltering, food supply, clothings, children’s education, orphanage costs, and women facing pregnancy crises.

At this time of joyful celebration special thanks and our appreciation go to all committed DONORS and VOLUNTEERS. You answer our callings with generosity and love. This touched our hearts and gave us strength to continue our mission in spite of the economic problems that came upon us this year. Together we managed to bring joy in desolate places, put a smile on the face for thousands of underprivileged children across Romania. We cary you into our hearts and prayers, and we hope you also remember us and the mission of this charity in yours.

May God Bless us all!
Mariana Cuceu, MD, MPH
President Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity