SPOC Updates for Forth Square of 2020

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, and the commitment of our volunteers in the U.S., Canada, and Romania, Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity had a wonderful fourth quarter of 2020. We were able to help many children and families across Romania with various needs including Christmas gifts for the children, food, and more. In … Read more

UPDATE from PROJECTS: Offer a Hot Meal for Thanksgiving!

Cantina Saracilor Cluj -Napoca – President SPOC Mariana Cuceu is volunteering in Romania to distribute food to the most needy shelters affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Help us deliver a hot meal at this THANKSGIVING by DONATING $5 to our campaign bellow:  

Take a look at all the good we have done so far this year

Because of your generous support and donations we were able to send more than $64,000 to the people in need from Romania. Orphanage Onufrie: $14,000 Varlaam School Scholarships: $9,689 Colegiul Sfantu Nicolae Covid-19 Assistance: $10,000 Magic Camp Covid-19 Hospital Fund: $5,644 Giurgiu Paralyzed Children Center: $3,000 Marcus Orphanage: $3,000 + $19,648 to Various Other Causes … Read more

Letter Number 7: Letter From The Artamon Family

The letter below is part of our ongoing Pascha series about families and children who have been supported by your donations to Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity. We hope that these words from our children will show how impactful your generosity has been and inspire you to to help our children through your continued donations, especially as we … Read more

Saint Onufrie Children Settlement – 2019 update

We are proud to share with you the progress at the Saint Onufrie children Settlement from Floresti, Cluj County.

A big thank you to all the donors and friends of Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity who made this possible.

God Bless you and your family!

New Art & Cultural Committee

Starting November 21st, 2017 – SPOC has opened a new chapter: the Art & Culture Committee. The Art & Culture Committee is launching “Romanian Cultural Evening” to include monthly cultural evening events (starting September until May of each year), with the main goal of bringing together people sharing the same interest in poetry, prose, music, … Read more

Varlaam School Scholarships News: End of school year report

Iuliana Mocănașu, 7th grade Iuliana graduated from the 7th grade with the average of 9.84, being the third in the class and obtained the 1st prize. It is the result of a constant, serious and good quality work. This year she made a great progress in learning and became more sociable and better integrated in … Read more

Letters from the Field: A summer inspired by faith, hope and love in Romania

By Andrei Enache, SPOC Youth Volunteers Ambassador At the end of his third year of college of Honors in Business Administration, our Romanian-born, Canadian-native, Andrei, decided to dedicate his summer giving back, helping out and enriching his humanitarian experience by volunteering at Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity sponsored projects sites throughout Romania. In this blog series … Read more

Varlaam School Scholarships News: Anca – on the spotlight

In November of 2016, Anca (one of the four scholars of Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity) took part in a writing competition, “Winter Wonderland”, with over two hundred other participants and she managed to secure her place among the winners. The competition was organized by the American Corner in Iasi, part of the American Embassy, and … Read more

2017 Project Updates

The Children of Glodeanu SPOC visited the project site at the Glodeanu Center administered by Fr. Ivascu Alexandru and seems to continue to be self-sufficient as people donate food and other materials for the center. However, there are some critical situations in the village consisting of a number of families with multiple children who live … Read more

Update: Saint Nicholas Shoes Project

Dear Friends and Supporters of Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity: During a local site trip in Romania we distributed in one of the most remote village areas of Iasi – Piscu Rusului, 100 pairs of winter shoes that we paid $2.000 for. The real need for shoes for children in that area is for 800 pairs. … Read more

Our 2015 Annual Charity Tennis Tournament

A big THANK YOU to all of our sponsors, partners, donors, volunteers and tennis players who joined us for a fun-filled charitable weekend on June 6 and 7 at our annual tennis tournament. Thanks to everyone our charity was  able to meet 85% of it’s goal in raising over $5,000 to benefit the children of Glodeanu. … Read more

The Social Settlement of Saint Onuphrius Project – Update

April 2015 update

Location: Floresti Monastery, Cluj, Romania – local website: ASOCIATIA FILANTROPICA “SFANTUL ONUFRIE”

THANK YOU to our private donors, who have opened their hearts during this Easter to help support our Saint Onuphrius project.

Your generous donations have helped us to raise $13,000, that will go towards the purchase of a much needed new vehicle of transportation for the settlement.

Our beneficiaries send their heartfelt thank yous to all of you for your kind and generous support.

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The Rasca Project: The Joy of the Impoverished – Update

April 2015 update

“People are the light” says Father Andrei, Project Coordinator.

2015 is off to a great start as Father Andrei continues his mission bringing kids and poor people together, helping them with food and education through religion. He has created a tradition where every Sunday kids to come to Rasca Place to have lunch together, learn prayers, pray together and socialize.

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The Giugiu Project: Physical therapy for children with developmental disabilities – Update

April 2015 update

“The smiles on their mothers faces, says it all” says Nely Tudor, Giurgiu Project Coordinator

The physio-therapy apparatus funded (as seen in the photo) is being used by over ten children with disabilities as part of their physical rehabilitation program. This rehabilitation machine is extremely vital for the children in need especially in the autumn and winter season when it is too cold to be outside to exercise.

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The Chidren of Glodeanu – Update

April 2015 update

“The children’s gratitude and faith in God, shines brightly” says Fr. Marian, Project Coordinator

Our satisfaction is big, although it comes from the small things and the small children of Glodeanu, whose faces light up as they receive a new backpack filled with supplies and a new set of clothes and school uniform to start the new school year.  The children are there for each other and love helping out at the community center, like Maria, who loves coming in early to clean up and prepare what is needed for when the rest of the children arrive.

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Georgiana, an example of strength: mind, body and spirit -Update

April 2015 update

“Tender as a butterfly!” that’s how Georgiana describes herself.

Georgiana one of our most needy beneficiaries which our organization has sponsored for the past four years. Her incurable disability, Bullous Epidermolysis (EB), requires constant care and attention, which implies daily application of medical creams covered with bandages.

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