The Village of Children – Valea Plopului

Site Progress to Date

The village of Valea Plopului, located 16 km from Vălenii de Munte, is the charity site of the “Pro-Vita for the born and unborn” Social Centre operated within the Valea Plopului Parish, where the parish priest and charity mediator Father Nicolae Tănase has been serving the community since 1979. The Pro Vita family orphanage has more than 400 members that includes pregnant mothers, mothers with children, young orphans who have left the state system, children, teenagers, and many others in need of a safety and shelter.

SPOC Contributions

A total of $54,370 has been granted to this association since 2013 until October of 2022.

Financial support has been allocated to cover: expenses related to food for school meals, school supplies construction of a new social canteen including a kitchen upgrade, a new Children’s Study Area; expenses related to the purchase of Horeca.