The Village of Children – Valea Plopului

From children abandoned by their parents in hospitals, to those picked up from the streets, to women or, sometimes, entire families lacking means of a decent living – they al find shelter in the Valea Plopului campus. Over 1,600 people have been supported since Father Nicolae Tanase started this project in 1990.


Today, there are approximately 420 souls living at Valea Plopului and, although caring for all may sound unachievable, you need to see God’s Hand at work to understand His Majesty!

Inspired by Father Tanase’s work, many people from surrounding villages began to step in and help. They are offering shelter in their own homes, bringing food and other goods, and working at the campus itself.

Saint Paraskeva Charity has offered financial support over the past two years and is committed to help the campus launch a local business that would create a consistent source of income for the needs of the campus residents.