SPOC Fundraising Updates

Seattle Washington- on behalf of the children struggling in Romania we want to thank “ The Holy Three Hierarch Romanian Orthodox Church “ and Fr Ioan Catana from Seattle WA, for hosting our flower fundraising event.

Special thanks goes to our sponsor and organizer Ana Omusor for several days of labor of love to hold and organize this event.

The flower arrangements donated by Ana that you can see in these pictures are shinning in a dark world of pain and poverty lightening the souls of those striving to alleviate the pain.

Special gratitude goes to our volunteers Florin, Claudia, Dana , Mihai, Delia, Matei, Diana that labor during our event.

And lastly we would like to thank all our donors for their generosity and contribution to the charity mission. Without you we would not be able to persevere in the fight of alleviating poverty.

Thank you so much ! May God bless you all and reward you according to your heart.

We wish you a blessed lent and a blessed Easter!