Merry Christmas!

Dear ones,

As we celebrate the Royal Feast of Christmas let us offer our hearts to Christ to be born in us. This way we have Him live in us and we can love one another as He loves us, the way He commended us. At this time of joy we give thanks to God and our beloved intercessor Saint Paraskeva for all the gifts bestowed upon us during the entire year of 2022.

In spite of a year marked by economic hardship and war, SPOC has continued its mission in helping those in need of food, shelter, education, orphanage costs, and pregnancy support. This year our charity grants sum up $235,256 USD, and we have 32 active operational SPOC projects across Romania. These accomplishments have been possible with the help of you, our donors and volunteers in the United States, Canada, and Romania. By working together and giving your time, effort, and commitment, we were able to bring joy, hope, and relief in desolated places. Thousands of impoverished Romanian children, war refugees, women facing pregnancy crises, and elderly living in devastating poverty received support thanks to your generosity. At time of joyful celebration we express our appreciation and gratitude to all of you!

As God offered His Gift to the whole creation by the birth of His Son at Christmas let us also offer our gifts of prayers, love, compassion, almsgiving to those afflicted, to those who suffer, to those who are burdened and to those in need.

We thank you and wish you and your dear ones, health, peace, joy and a Merry Christmas!