Saint Onufrie Social Settlement, Cluj, Romania

Site Progress to Date

SPOC’s partnership with Saint Onufrie Social Settlement started in 2015. It is to date one of our longest beneficiaries and a major investment site. The site offers accommodation in two separate residential houses which are fully operational and host about 20 abandoned children. The two family-style houses for the Protection of Children Facing Hardship are constructed on a land donated by the Protection of the Holy Virgin Monastery in the immediate vicinity of the Floresti Monastery situated near Cluj in Romania. A newly inaugurated kitchen facility on site provides food for over 150 meals for those in need. A separate multi-functional building with includes a children’s library, storage space, and an outdoors playground for the children are in progress and require additional investments.

Under the direct guidance of Father Visarion Paşca, the Children of Saint Onufrie Social Settlement are cared for by local volunteers with great love. The settlement is projected to have a total of 4 residential houses and remains a major work in progress until the project is fully completed.  The construction project for two other residential houses to host an additional 20 abandoned children is currently in the development stage.

SPOC President Mariana Cuceu on the construction site at Saint Onufrie Orphanage in Romania. Date: Winter 2020


Volunteers (Rodica Varna, Mariana Cuceu and Av Anamaria Bogdan) from SPOC visiting in September of 2022 Onufrie project in Floresti
The church at Onufrie in construction phase as of September of 2022

Nearly 80 children who are temporarily or permanently separated from their parents, living on social welfare, will soon be able to live at the St Onufrie Orphanage…

SPOC Contributions

A total of $223,410 has been granted to the orphanage starting in 2005 until October of 2022. SPOC’s largest charitable contribution in the amount of $125,122 has been granted towards the construction and furnishing costs of the buildings presented in the picture below.

Saint Paraskeva’s house at Saint Onufrie Orphanage

Additional financial support has been allocated towards covering administrative and operational expenses, in addition to running kitchen orphanage costs, and the recent construction of the children’s playground expenses.

SPOC President Mariana Cuceu during the fundraising Christmas Concert at Saint Onufrie Orphanage in the winter of 2020

The beginning of Saint Onufrie Orphanage

St. Onufrie – the first days

St. Onufrie – during construction

St. Onufrie Orphanage – what we want to accomplish in the future