The Social Settlement “Saint Onufrie”

Family-style houses for the Protection of Children Facing Hardship is constructed on a land donated by the Protection of the Holy Virgin Monastery in the immediate vicinity of the Floresti Monastery. This Social Settlement will offer a harmonious family climate, proper care, education and emotional support for children who are temporarily or permanently separated from their parents, by providing residential services of protection, rearing, care adapted to each child’s individual needs and optimum conditions for their physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual development.


The Social Settlement Saint Onuphrius consists of 4 family-style houses, organized in such a way as to shelter a maximum number of 10 to 20 children each, according to current regulations regarding promotion and protection of the rights of children and a multifunctional building. Within this project, the services will be provided by the employees of the association, qualified personnel with empathy and communication abilities, according to legislation in force (psychotherapist, psycho-pedagogue).

Nearly 80 children who are temporarily or permanently separated from their parents, living on social welfare, will soon be able to live at the St Onufrie Orphanage…

From 2015 to 2018, our largest charitable contribution, in the amount of $125,122, was granted for the construction and furnishing costs for the buildings here…

We aim to be able to support financially the living costs related to the arrival of the first 8 orphan children, each with an allowance of $540/month. Such support will require $51,840 every year.

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The beginning of Saint Onufrie Orphanage

St. Onufrie – the first days

St. Onufrie – during construction

St. Onufrie Orphanage – what we want to accomplish in the future