Holy Archangels Parish, Silistea, Dolhasca, Suceava, Romania

Site Progress to Date

Since the beginning of his mission in Silistea Noua village, Father Mihail Agafitei wanted to form a group of young people, children, with whom he could carry out a whole activity of knowledge, of recognition of the Romanian village, of rediscovery of the Christian and Romanian traditional values. The program that Father Mihail wants to carry out in the parish is of stability and preservation of traditions and values by encouraging everyone to find a future through what they do best.

SPOC President Mariana Cuceu with Father Mihail’s family in Silistea

SPOC Contributions

A total of $30,600 has been granted to this site starting in 2020 until October of 2022.

The financial support has been granted toward: supporting expenses related to food supplies for social cases; school supplies; food, clothing, shoes, tablets, toys, medication and first aid kits, fuel, and medical investigation; construction materials for a social center located in parish premises; books for children in the village and supporting expenses related to food, hygiene, clothing for Ukrainian Refugees.

SPOC President Mariana Cuceu with Father Horia Gica during site trip Fall of 2022