Our Volunteers

To all of our Volunteers – THANK YOU!

On behalf of our board, our donors, our corporate partners and our beneficiaries, we thank you for your kindness, commitment, compassion, and caring.

There is no human being alive who has not received a gift from God. We have all been blessed by God with certain gifts and talents – and opportunities to use them – and are called upon to give back a portion of these blessings in thanksgiving for what we have received, and for the glory of His holy Name!

We invite you to be part of our team and help us grow through your blessed gifts and talents.

To apply as a volunteer with our organization please fill out the application form (PDF) and send it back to us at the email address in the form.

Our volunteering mission is guided by our volunteer values that we all strive to follow and inspire in each other in our daily work as volunteers.

Learn more about volunteering and stewardship.

Ilie Rusu
Claudiu & Daniela Feiurdean
Emilia & Marian Gheorghe
Gabriela & Kyle Rubeck
Ioana Coman
Anna Gordon
Andreea & Sorin Precup
Marta Apostu

Elena Picioiu
Elena Pop
Elena Susan
Florina Villarde
Ligia Grindeanu
Maria Theodorescu
Maria Cuceu
Mihai & Mihaela Dejan
Cornelia Oprea
Florin Fortis

Mihaela Lujerdean
Mirela Birta
Nori Groza
Robert Hopper
Roxana Iacob
Teodora Filip
Veronica Hoskins
Onorica Perse
Victor Durgheu

You can listen to the poem “Voluntar” (in Romanian) by Father Andrei from Rasca below:


You can download the poem in PDF (in Romanian) from here.

We, Christian servants of the Orthodox Church, as devoted brothers and sisters in Christ of the Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity, pledge as SPOC volunteers to:

  1. Christianize our volunteering practices, by having a Christ-centered mission based on Orthodox Christian values. We cannot be good volunteers if we are not good Christians.
    (In Western volunteer practices there is a separation of charity work and the Church, which is a distortion of Christ’s teachings. Being a good Christian means not only to attend regularly church services but as well to be in regular Confession and Communion with the most precious body and blood of Jesus Christ.)
  2. Share our God-given gifts selflessly and with a Christ-like sacrificial Love when carrying out our volunteer obligations while loving and serving our neighbor, not for our own recognition, but for God’s glory. This means to follow Christ, in the way of His Cross and wash the feet of His children by embracing our work and commitments to charity tasks with a humble heart.
  3. Act, as servants of God, in synergy with Him, and carry-out our activities with love for the purpose of our own salvation and sanctification. This means to follow Christ in his Saints’ footsteps that are the best volunteering examples for us. Their examples of life and good deeds are modeling our ways and engagements in volunteering.
  4. Showing solidarity, collegiality and respect for individual freedom integrating ourselves as members of one Body in Christ – the Church, recognizing that our purpose is to ease and help healing the pain and suffering of the children whom we serve.
  5. Progress towards unity and resolve the differences and disagreements in relationship to our Scripture and inspired by The Holy Tradition.
  6. Respect towards authority and hierarchy with a clear understanding that our charity is part of the communal body of the Church in which all members have their proper place and ministry. (see Romans 12:4-8 bellow)