Handicapped teens from Romania need your help- Completed Project

There are over 50 children in Giurgiu, Romania who suffer from severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Under the coordination of Nelysor Tudor, a single mother of a child with severe physical disability and other children’s families are struggling to improve their health condition through physical therapy, nutritional diets, special medical programs for rehabilitation and physical therapy. In addition to having regular full-time jobs, the families are working together to raise money for the care of these children by selling handmade crafts made by themselves. However, the day-to-day medical expenses and the psychological burnout from the day-by-day care of these paralyzed children are a burden that these families can not afford to pay for.

Your donation will help them feel that they are not alone in their longstanding and exhausting journey. Most specifically your donation will be used to provide them with diapers, hygiene and medical products, physical therapy, and materials for their handmade crafts.

Lending a helping hand is the easiest thing you can do that can make a difference and have a momentous impact. You have the chance to help those who cannot help themselves.

We are looking to raise $4,000 in 2019. This amount would help support the families of the 50 children for the whole year.

Every donation matters and each donor will receive a thank you note with an update from us.

You can donate for this campaign on GoFundMe.