• Easter for Romanian Children in Need

The Impoverished People’s Soup Kitchen, Cluj, Romania

Site Progress to Date “Masa Saracilor” Soup Kitchen, Cluj Napoca prepares and delivers 1,000 portions of food/week to homeless in Cluj area. In 2020  they have distributed and cooked 41 tons of food. The association was launched in Cluj-Napoca in 2013 and has gathered since its inception local supporters, volunteers, donors, and sponsors. Their recipe … Read more

Romania for Life, Bucuresti, Romania

Site Progress to Date The Romania for Life association has pro-life activities which offer substantial support in helping pregnant women with high abortion risk and those needing financial support during the first few months after giving birth. The association organizes an annual event named ​“The March for Life” in over 900 cities ​in Romania and … Read more

Tell Me a Story for The Soul! Bucuresti, Romania

Site Progress to Date The project “Tell Me a Story for The Soul!” was launched on December 1, 2019 by Ioana Revnic. One year after the Centenary of the Great Union of Romanians, the intention of the founders is to contribute the soulful education of future generations of young Romanians. The Christian belief is that … Read more

The Holy Archangels Association of Vatra Dornei, Suceava, Romania

Site Progress to Date The Holy Archangels Association of Vatra Dornei was founded in 2009, near Podul-Coșnei Monastery, by the local priest Father Mihai Negrea, with the aim of helping the poorest community resident’s children in need of a hot meal and school support. The association is providing daily meals for 135 children​ and the … Read more

School of Varlaam Scholarships

Site Progress to Date Varlaam Mitropolitul School is a school in Iasi operating under Orthodox Christian values. The students attending this institution are cultivating their talents in an Orthodox spirit, and in this way Varlaam Mitropolitul School is contributing to the moral development of a new generation of future Christian Romanian leaders. This school serves … Read more

Saint Nicholas Shoes and Saint Nicholas College, Iasi, Romania

Site Progress to Date Situated in the city of Iasi and under the patronage of Saint Nicholas, the college hosts dedicated theologian students embodying Christian values and morals.  Their goals are to help guide and change the way society lives through virtuous responsibility, professionalism, and dedication to help our brothers and sisters in need. Their … Read more

The Village of Children – Valea Plopului

Site Progress to Date The village of Valea Plopului, located 16 km from Vălenii de Munte, is the charity site of the “Pro-Vita for the born and unborn” Social Centre operated within the Valea Plopului Parish, where the parish priest and charity mediator Father Nicolae Tănase has been serving the community since 1979. The Pro … Read more

By God’s grace SPOC remains on target – $100,800 financial aid have been awarded during the second half of 2021!

This is a truly remarkable accomplishment that was possible through a joint effort of volunteers in the United States, Canada and Romania as well as the financial support received from our donors. Through the intercession prayers of Saint Paraskeva, God   multiplied the gifts offered. In this way our charity continues its mission of bringing relief … Read more

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, is a reminder to be thankful to God for His coming into the world. In this past year, our beloved intercessor Saint Paraskeva,  through her intercession prayers in front of Almighty God, moved the hearts of our donors enabling us to respond to many critical needs  during this … Read more

Give children joy and hope at this Christmas

Give children joy and hope at this Christmas is our last fundraising campaign for the year. Sometimes, the simplest way to spread hope and joy is through sharing our gifts with those who do not have as much. The winter is coming and some of the Romanian children live in desolate places. Their houses are … Read more

Greetings on the Feast of Saint Paraskeva!

On this blessed day of October 14, the feast of Saint Paraskeva, our protector Saint, we lift a prayerful and humble appreciation for your ongoing love and support to our mission. In spite of major challenges in personal lives and around the world, Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity continued to be faithful and successful in offering … Read more