• Easter for Romanian Children in Need

Emergency Fund for the Ukrainian Refugees To Romania

Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity in partnership with The Romanian Orthodox Metropolia of The Americas joins the exceptional initiative of the Archdiocese of Suceava and Radauti in support of the Ukrainian war refugees in transit or intending to stay on the Romanian territory. The fundraiser will assist the monasteries and parishes in the diocese that have … Read more

Saint Onufrie Social Settlement, Cluj, Romania

Site Progress to Date SPOC’s partnership with Saint Onufrie Social Settlement started in 2015. It is to date one of our longest beneficiaries and a major investment site. The site offers accommodation in two separate residential houses which are fully operational and host about 20 abandoned children. The two family-style houses for the Protection of … Read more

St. Nicholas Parish, Tăutești, Iași, Romania

Site Progress to Date Since the beginning of his mission in Tăutești village, Father Vlad Chiriac made heroic efforts to rehabilitate the historical and cultural values of the village. Father Vlad performs religious, educational and social activities with all the children in his parish. Father Vlad has made an amazing accomplishment for this village, the … Read more

Holy Archangels Parish, Silistea, Dolhasca, Suceava, Romania

Site Progress to Date Since the beginning of his mission in Silistea Noua village, Father Mihail Agafitei wanted to form a group of young people, children, with whom he could carry out a whole activity of knowledge, of recognition of the Romanian village, of rediscovery of the Christian and Romanian traditional values. The program that … Read more

St. Nicholas Parish Vârtoapele de Sus, Vârtoape, Teleorman, Romania

Site Progress to Date The social-philanthropic activity initiated by Father Horia Marian, coordinated at the level of the parish at St. Nicholas in Vârtoapele de Sus, has been carried out annually, supporting school children, helping parishioners in need, and paying special attention to the elderly, the lonely and the sick. With Bishop Galaction’s blessing and … Read more

Heaven’s Key Association, Galateni, Teleorman, Romania

Site Progress to Date In the fall of 2016, the Heaven’s Key Association was started, and it began to provide a meal every week to vulnerable children in the community. Because of the daily need identified through this program, they started in October 2018, to prepare a daily hot meal in the small kitchen of … Read more

ASCOR Iasi, Romania

Site Progress to Date ASCOR is a non-governmental youth organization (NGO), Christian, apolitical and non-profit, with branches in all university centers in the country: Bucharest, Alba-Iulia, Bacău, Cluj-Napoca, Galați, Iași, Oradea, Sibiu, Timișoara, Craiova ASCOR – Iași was founded on 14 October 1990 by a group of students from “Al. I. Cuza” and the Agronomic … Read more

The Impoverished People’s Soup Kitchen, Cluj, Romania

Site Progress to Date “Masa Saracilor” Soup Kitchen, Cluj Napoca prepares and delivers 1,000 portions of food/week to homeless in Cluj area. In 2020  they have distributed and cooked 41 tons of food. The association was launched in Cluj-Napoca in 2013 and has gathered since its inception local supporters, volunteers, donors, and sponsors. Their recipe … Read more

Romania for Life, Bucuresti, Romania

Site Progress to Date The Romania for Life association has pro-life activities which offer substantial support in helping pregnant women with high abortion risk and those needing financial support during the first few months after giving birth. The association organizes an annual event named ​“The March for Life” in over 900 cities ​in Romania and … Read more

Tell Me a Story for The Soul! Bucuresti, Romania

Site Progress to Date The project “Tell Me a Story for The Soul!” was launched on December 1, 2019 by Ioana Revnic. One year after the Centenary of the Great Union of Romanians, the intention of the founders is to contribute the soulful education of future generations of young Romanians. The Christian belief is that … Read more

The Holy Archangels Association of Vatra Dornei, Suceava, Romania

Site Progress to Date The Holy Archangels Association of Vatra Dornei was founded in 2009, near Podul-Coșnei Monastery, by the local priest Father Mihai Negrea, with the aim of helping the poorest community resident’s children in need of a hot meal and school support. The association is providing daily meals for 135 children​ and the … Read more