Rasca: The Joy of the Impoverished- Completed Project

Rasca is a little village in Suceava County, Romania, that promises to bring hope to countless impoverished people in the region. Rasca is home to a new building, still under construction, that will offer shelter and support for those in need and serve as a base for the ministry’s founder, Father Andrei.


Father Andrei is on the road tirelessly, responding to the endless needs across the region and bringing help to the poor. His travels reveal a world of forgotten people, one of pain, poverty and suffering. He touches the lives of those in hospitals and orphanages. He meets numerous families, mother unable to eat before their children because there is not enough food, and children treating food with such sanctity that all mouths can share a food portion.

He visits the homes of the elderly and the sick immobilized in bed, who, while enduring much trouble and suffering, never lose hope.

This fellow human beings, as Father express it, have something divine on their faces – a sooting peace. They are “the suffering who rest”. Let’s follow the example of Brother Isaac, the American fellow whom, by God’s grace, recently joined Father Andrei in his mission.