Letter Number 2: Letter From a Mother of 3 Who Received Help (Braila Project)

“[H]elp the injured, not only by money, but by patronage and protection, and … defend the widows and orphans, and … afford a refuge to all that are afflicted.” (Homily 6 on Titus)

Our holy Mother Paraskeva, we beseech thee to raise a prayer to our Heavenly Father to be merciful and forgive any trespasses that we committed in deed and thought, both voluntary and involuntary. I come to thee, Mother Paraskeva, with a clean heart and a pure mind, entreating thee to help my family as we are afflicted and in need! I raise this prayer to holy Mother Paraskeva after giving birth to our third child who is struggling with health issues.

I am convinced that holy Mother Paraskeva will quickly hearken to us and answer our prayer, especially since we met Mrs. Perianu five years ago; we were in need and received a lot of material help such as a washing machine, a refrigerator, and a television set. During the Holiday Season, we received toys and clothes for our kids. We enjoyed delicious meals for Christmas and Easter, and we had blessed moments praying and giving thanks to the Lord. Last year, Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity sponsored us to renovate our home so our kids could enjoy a nice environment free of moisture and mold. Mrs. Perianu also bought a nice carpet for the kids’ room. We thank thee, our holy Mother Paraskeva, and all our benefactors for these wonderful gifts. May God bless all of you!