Letter Number 1: A letter the from Bucsa Family, Braila Romania

“Because he is a poor man, feed him; because Christ is fed.” (Homily 48 on Matthew)

My name is Gabriela Bucsa and I do not know how to write; I asked a neighbor to help me with the writing of this letter. I am the mother of two boys Cristian and Vladimir Marian. They are attending kindergarten Arlechino in Braila, Romania; that is how I met the teacher, Mrs. Perianu  and the moment she learnt about my material struggles and poverty she promised to help me.

Everyday my kids receive a package of food from Mrs. Perianu.  As soon as she received the packages sent by Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity, Miss Perianu  provided  me with goods contained in these packages such as clothes, shoes, and sweets. She also bought me an icon of Saint Paraskeva and encouraged me to pray in front of her every night so that I receive help from the Saint.  Every Easter and Christmas all my kids are dressed in their new clothes and receive gifts such as us beds, bedsheets, and very nice clothing.

Once, a couple of days before Christmas, we had no money for groceries, not even to purchase a gallon of milk; I prayed with tears that night in front of Saint Paraskeva’s icon, heartbroken that I can’t provide anything for my children on Christmas eve. Then I went to bed with tears in my eyes and with a heavy heart. The next day, a miracle happened!  Mrs. Perianu and her husband arrived at our place loaded with several bags of groceries, sweets, and Christmas goodies. She told us that she received money from Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity to buy what is needed for families facing poverty.  I could not believe that what I saw was true. Christmas came and we had all our needs fulfilled. Saint Paraskeva is with us because of you!

We thank you and wish you health and joy, from the joy you bring to us.