Letter Number 3: Letter From the Pavel Family (Braila Project)

“Because he is a poor man, feed him; because Christ is fed.” (Homily 48 on Matthew)

The help and gifts offered by Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity are welcomed by the kids of Arlechino kindergarten; when Holiday Season approaches, all the kids are eager to receive their gifts during our celebrations. In our family there are four girls, and all of them received help and support from Mrs. Perianu on behalf of Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity. They have received an abundance of gifts over the years: winter clothes, boots, gloves, caps, scarves, robes, sportswear, shirts, school supplies, sweets, and groceries (especially for Christmas and Easter). There is an ineffable joy radiating from the kids when they are waiting to receive their gifts and while opening them; both parents and kids shed tears of joy. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the gifts and support to all of our benefactors and especially to Saint Paraskeva and to Miss Perianu, our tender-hearted kindergarten teacher. Our kids attend the kindergarten mainly because of Mrs. Perianu who works there; she helps and loves them and interacts with them through all kinds of activities. Let me end by thanking Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity for helping the underprivileged kids, following the example of their Protectress, holy Mother Paraskeva.

Best wishes,
Mariana, Alexandra, Natalia, Patricia, Sofia