Greetings on the Feast of Saint Paraskeva! October 14, 2023

On this blessed day of October 14, the feast of Saint Paraskeva, our protector Saint, we lift a prayerful and humble appreciation for your ongoing love and support to our mission. Through your generosity we are making a life-changing difference in the lives of thousands of women, men and children.

Despite so many challenges that we all have encountered throughout the year, through local partners in Romania, and dedicated volunteers,  SPOC was able to offer ongoing financial aid to hundreds of elderly, hundreds of women in pregnancy crisis, hundreds of homeless people, and thousands of children, showing them that they are not alone. On their behalf please receive our utmost gratitude. May God reward you  and your families with abundant health, peace and joy!

At this time of celebration when thousands of pilgrims are praying in Iasi to the relics of Saint Paraskeva we ask the intercession prayers of  our beloved patron saint for all of you, DONORS and VOLUNTEERS. Let us follow Saint Paraskeva’s example of commitment and sensitivity to the suffering and offer our gifts of prayers, love, compassion, almsgiving to those in need.

In The Love of Christ,
SPOC team