2018 Christmas Campaign – 112 Children from Vatra Dornei/Suceava in need for our support!

The social settlement  “The Mihail si Gavriil Association” of Vatra Dornei, Suceava currently houses 112 children, between the ages of 3 and 18. The story has been previously covered in local media and it can be find by searching on Google.

The children’s care is now overseen by widowed Presbitera Iulia Negrea and other staff, but despite minimal government’s financial support and local media coverage they are struggling to pay their monthly bills, and are in major need of financial assistance. As of December 2018,  the settlement has an uncovered heating bill of $1,500 +$600 electricity & other running costs, totaling of $2,300 in utilities. In addition, it costs $1,610/month ($3/lunch per child daily) to feed 112 children in a month. We ask you to partner with us in an effort to support these children this Christmas and help us to raise  the amount of $7,500 to help pay for the bills and holiday meals.

May God reward us all abundantly for the kindness and generosity we share with others this holiday season.

Please donate!