A Christmas Letter from our Youth Chapter

My name is Ava and I would like to share a personal story with you. Two years ago, for Christmas, I asked for a guitar. Instead of the guitar, Santa wrote me a note that said:

“Dear Ava, you don’t really need a guitar because in your house there are already two musical instruments and there is little chance you will actually start playing the third one. But, dear Ava, I want you to know that I decided to give the guitar you asked for, to another child less fortunate than you, who is very talented and who really needs a guitar. I brought it to that child on your behalf.”

At the time, I didn’t know how to react and for a moment I thought it wasn’t fair… how can Santa not give me everything on my list!

As I thought more about it, I realized that Santa was right, he actually made a good decision to bring that guitar from me to another child. Every time I thought of the note from Santa, it made me happy. Now, two years later, I don’t remember any other gift I got for that Christmas, and definitely none of them made me as happy as the note. Actually, Santa gave me more than a gift, he gave me the chance to make somebody happy. I believe that we are all good, and we are all happy to help someone in need. We all have the ability to be happy when we help change somebody’s life. But, every once in a while, we all need a note from Santa to remind us that we don’t really need a third instrument.

Ava Sacarin, 11 years old, Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity Youth Chapter, NY

We thank you for your generosity and for keeping our children in your thoughts at this Christmas Celebration. We wish you a Merry Christmas!