Thank you for joining us at our 8th Year Anniversary Fundraiser!

On November 4th, we gathered at The Romanian Garden restaurant in New York City. We gathered to celebrate our love for our neighbors, our desire to do good, and our ancestral Christian belief. I would like to thank all the participants, volunteers and donors who showed their love and made this fundraising event a success. Because of you, Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity Organization will be able to double the help for the children that go to school in Romania. It was a special evening, and over 100 guests from NY and CT answered our call.

I share, with great joy in my heart, that our beloved Saint Paraskeva has blessed our efforts once again and, through her intercession and prayers, as well as the generosity of our donors, we were able to raise $18,523.94.

Words are too limited to express our gratitude. With each charitable event we set up new goals–for our projects and for ourselves–that we are  lead to reach even against our own limitations. We can bridge those limitations together, only through the unifying force of LOVE guided by One Almighty God who transcends geographical distance and barriers, and who allows us to unify in the body of Christ by the power of Holy Spirit.  Thank you so very much, and we want to wish you all peaceful Christmas celebration!

Mariana Cuceu
Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity