Christ is Born – Glorify Him! Happy New Year!

In the midst of a blessed Christmas celebration and at the very moment that 2016 ends  and 2017 begins with hopes, dreams and expectations – I would like to take  a few moments to thank every single one of you that have have been supportive to Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity mission during 2016. Whether volunteers  or donors, collaborators or supporters in prayers from far distance — for all that you did to strengthen our mission, please receive our deepest gratitude on behalf of those that we serve: the poor, the sick, the children and all their families in struggle.


Christmas Update : Saint Nicholas Shoes Project

Dear Friends and Supporters of Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity:

During a local site trip in Romania we distributed in one of the most remote village areas of Iasi – Piscu Rusului, 100 pairs of winter shoes that we paid $2.000 for. The real need for shoes for children in that area is for 800 pairs. We will need additional $14.000 to purchase shoes for the remaining 700 children. (cost of one pair of winter shoe is $20).
Please help us raise this amount so we can provide all 800 children with a pair of shoes.

You can donate for the shoes here:

Christmas is the season of giving. Make this year’s charitable  donation count by gifting to a child in need supported by SPOC.

UPDATE: Saint Nicholas Shoes – Winter Clothing Distribution

For the past month Colegiul Sfantul Nicolae, Iasi, Romania (The St Nicholas School, Iasi) was the humble recipient of a generous donation from Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity in the amount of $2,000 that purchased 100 pairs of winter shoes for school children for the underserved areas of Iasi.

Today, after a local site visit  we realized that the real and urgent need for shoes are not just for 100 children but for 800 in total. The cost of a pair of shoes is $20, thus we’d like to raise an additional $14,000 to purchase shoes for the remaining 700 children. If you would like to help us please click here.

Another hardship encountered is at the local school in Piscu Rusului region, where they are in urgent need of replacing the windows to the school to ensure adequate protection and warm conditions for the students.

The cost of renovating and replacing the windows at the school is $2,500. For more information about this local initiative in Romania please click here.

With your kind and generous donation we are confident that we can help these children this winter. God bless everyone for opening their hearts this Christmas season to those near and far. Thank you!

Saint Nicholas Shoes

papucii sf nicolae

As a child back in Romania each one of us grew up with St Nicholas tradition, the first holiday of Christmas season. The evening of December 5th we would polish our shoes and set them at the door waiting for St Nicholas to fill the our shoes with some presents. It used to be a magical night, and we where barely getting any sleep –we would be so excited to see what we will find in our shoes in the morning.  For many children in Romania this magical dream night is not possible. Life is not easy for them — not only they are missing the bare necessities but many times even food its a rare treat. We, at Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity, are trying hard to bring a smile and a glimpse of happiness on these challenged children by providing some relief of their burden. This is how St Nicholas project started back in the fall of 2015. With a simple call for help, to the Romanian community from Chicago: the response was amazing! Donations of clothes and gently used shoes started to pour in! We were able to send over 2,600 pounds of goods to under served are of Rasca, (Suceava county) and Iasi during 2015.

During 2016 we continued this project and keept collecting clothes and shoes that people do not wear anymore. Given the generosity of our kind donors, we where able to ship again in 2016 in the under served areas of Iasi, Rasca, Cluj county and Maramures over 2,700 pounds of clothing and shoes. This is a beautiful example of how little does it take from us to bring great joy to others. It is a beautiful example of caring by giving love to human kind. Thank you for supporting our project. We share with you some testimonials and pictures from the recipients of these gifts that have been made possible through your generosity. Finally we would like to thank all volunteers, our donors and all charity coordinators that work so hard to see these donations shipped to destination.

You can read about the impact of last year donations in the letters that we received from Romania. Both are in Romanian and you can find them here (PDF) and here (PDF).

A brief update from a ongoing activity: Happy Children in Braila!

28 children from Braila Preschool project received during last week of September, 2016, a $500 worth value of school supply from our donors. We share with you the joy from their faces and some pictures that have been sent to us by Mrs. Perianu – the teacher that carries for these children with many social challenges like of her own. We also share a thank you note addressed to our charity by Mrs. Perianu on behalf of the children. We would like to thank all of our volunteers, donors and partners that by God’s grace enabled us to bring a sun-shine and some hope where is so much needed:

“Today I sent photos of happy children to Saint Paraskeva Charity. Since I have come to know the members of this organization (although only through e-mails) I had the most beautiful year of my life! The kids received this year through your help everything that they have dreamed about: clothing, food, shoes, backpack, toys and school supply. We have never been so happy! I believe that God has sent some angels in the world to help all those struggling with poverty! For us, those angels have been you. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING!”

Mrs. Perianu, preschool teacher, Braila, September 28, 2016

The blessing of Saint Onufrie Social Setlement

On Friday, February 19, 2016  His Eminence, Nicolae Condrea Archbishop of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America and Canada has blessed the Saint Onufrie Social Setlement from Floresti, Cluj Napoca Romania during a local site trip. His Eminence has been impressed with project development and encouraged the Saint Onufrie staff to continue and finalize this wonderful work in progress.