Giving With the Heart: Letters From Our Children

[N]othing is so strong and powerful to extinguish the fire of our sins as almsgiving. It is greater than all other virtues. It places the lovers of it by the side of the King Himself, and justly. For the effect of virginity, of fasting … is confined to those who practice them, and no other is saved thereby.But almsgiving extends to all, and embraces the members of Christ, and actions that extend their effects to many are far greater than those which are confined to one. For almsgiving is the mother of love, of that love, which is the characteristic of Christianity, which is greater than all miracles, by which the disciples of Christ are manifested. It is the medicine of our sins, the cleansing of the filth of our souls, the ladder fixed to heaven; it binds together the body of Christ.” (St. John Chrysostom Homily 6 on Titus)

Dear St. Paraskeva Family, 

As we begin our journey to Pascha, it is important to remember these words from St. John Chrysostom. The Lenten season is about more than just fasting and praying. It is also a time for us to help our brothers and sisters through good deeds.

To highlight this, every week during the fast we will be sharing letters from the children who are supported through your wonderful donations to Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity. You may never meet these children and they may never get to know you…and this remains the beauty of the holy work of almsgiving. You see it only when you do engage with the entire heart. We hope that these words from our children will show how impactful your donations have been and inspire you to continue to help our children, especially as we celebrate the Feast of Feasts.

Mariana Cuceu, MD, MPH