Varlaam School Scholarships News: End of school year report

Iuliana Mocănașu, 7th grade

Iuliana graduated from the 7th grade with the average of 9.84, being the third in the class and obtained the 1st prize. It is the result of a constant, serious and good quality work. This year she made a great progress in learning and became more sociable and better integrated in her group.

She is an empathic colleague who always helps and supports you when necessary. From my point of view, as a teacher, Iuliana is the ideal child you want in class and with whom it is a joy to work. I support her to be a student at our School and to fulfill her dreams.

Alexandra Penu, 7th grade

Ancuța maintained her very good results at school this school year as well and she participated in several interdisciplinary projects and competitions. She participated in an Erasmus project and went for a week in a school in Greece with a colleague and three teachers from our school.

The average of this school year is 9.86, being the second in her class, receiving the 1st Prize. Her joy to come to school and study is defined daily by constant smiles to teachers and colleagues and good mood.

Ancuța, that’s how we tell her at school, is the bright, bright and cheerful child.

I recommend Ancuţa and I support her to continue her studies at our School.

Steliana Călin, 5th grade

Steliana finished the fifth grade well. She and her two sisters appreciate the very important role played by the scholarship received from Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity.

The graduation average of the 5th grade of Steliana is 9.28. The score earned by ClassDojo teachers is 189, receiving 204 positive assessments. These results in learning and behavior led to Steliana’s third prize.

Damiana Fădur, 6th grade

Damiana has finished the school year well, but of course she would have wanted more. She got the average of 8.83. She is glad to be at the Varlaam School and continues her dance classes, even though the school program has been more crowded lately. She likes drawing, especially portraits in color. At the liturgies organized in school, she is always in the front row and attends the service, singing with the priest. She has the same two friends from two years ago, being a loyal friend.

Damiana is a sociable, cheerful and talented girl.

Mrs. Anamaria Timofti, Vice Principal of Varlaam School


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