Letter Number 7: Letter From The Artamon Family

The letter below is part of our ongoing Pascha series about families and children who have been supported by your donations to Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity. We hope that these words from our children will show how impactful your generosity has been and inspire you to to help our children through your continued donations, especially as we celebrate Holy Week and Pascha.

“Love means to want the best for others, sharing with them the joy of love”- Saint John Chrysostom

My story is about thanksgiving and appreciation towards some wonderful people who understood the importance of being generous. We were new at the kindergarten in Mrs. Eugenia Perianu’s class, and we were going through an adjustment period when we received the gift of new winter jackets. All the kids were so happy for Santa bringing gifts earlier than expected!

The next day, when we went to class, all of the underprivileged kids were dressed with the new jackets–they were like blue and pink roses, a kindergarten like a garden with smiley and happy flowers. The next days were wonderful, and kids were eager to open the boxes with gifts. The house was full of clothes waiting to be sorted, toys, and sweets. A puppy husky and a flamingo bird are the toys that my daughter is playing with all the time and she is very fond of them. They reminded me of some people’s generosity–people who love God.

These are people whose Love for God is intertwined with the love of one’s neighbor. The wonderful people, and I am referring here to Mrs. Eugenia Perianu, whose love for people motivated her to knock on many doors (some may have opened), Mrs. Mariana Cuceu of Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity, and all the altruistic donors, volunteers, and people who offer gifts and a smile to the underprivileged kids. They all deserve our respect and thanksgiving because of their pure thoughts and nice gifts (toys, sweets, cloths, personal items). They mean a lot to us and to our kids. I am glad I have this opportunity to thank all who are involved in charitable acts–people I may never see, but their acts will be written in the book of life.

I beg God and Holy Mother Parascheva to protect them all, especially our teacher Mrs. Eugenia Perianu, also known as the “kindergarten mother,” for all her involvement and struggle to provide for the underprivileged kids. Mrs. Eugenia deserves our great admiration.

With thanksgiving,
Ionut, Camelia and Antonia!  May God help us!