2017 Project Updates

The Children of Glodeanu

SPOC visited the project site at the Glodeanu Center administered by Fr. Ivascu Alexandru and seems to continue to be self-sufficient as people donate food and other materials for the center. However, there are some critical situations in the village consisting of a number of families with multiple children who live in close proximity of the Center and are dealing with staggering poverty levels. In 2017 funds are needed for: the basic needs, like food supply, wood for the winter and electricity for their homes.

The Children of Giurgiu

SPOC provided a piece of special equipment, which made a tremendous difference in kid’s quality of life. The parents of the children engage their physically disabled kids through arts & crafts activities to give them an added purpose in daily life and help raise some money. However, their efforts are far from enough to help cover their financial needs. With the help of local high school art students, families and their children raised money by selling handmade crafts such as cards, candle stands and decorations. In 2017 funds are needed for: personalized physical therapy sessions with an experienced trainer.

The Children of Marcus Orphanage

More than seven years have passed since the opening of the orphanage that currently cares for 16 girls ranging in age from 8 – 14 attending 2nd to 8th with the older ones attending high school in 2018.

In the summer of 2016 a fantastic team from Romania called “Visuri la cheie” a project similar to the US TV show “Extreme Home Makeover” helped to build a house in the Monastery’s courtyard where the girls starting high-school next year will be housed to stay until they will be capable to care for themselves after graduating from high-school.

In the next one to two years Abbess Serafima would like to bring in another group of girls to help guide, raise and educate offering them a more stable upbringing and better opportunities in the future. SPOC and all the sponsors, donors and volunteers helped Marcus Orphanage in the past seven years, with $2000 annually that went towards fire wood for heating.

In 2017 funds are needed for the newly built house is in need of a central heating system that will cost between $5,000-$7,000.

The Children at Braila Preschool: A project of Dream. Hope. Love. Joy

SPOC president had meetings with student’s parents, teachers and children themselves. The parents have been humbled by SPOC support and mentioned that this makes a huge difference in their life.

Helping the less fortunate families in Braila Kindergarten should be fostered for the sake of all children’s healthy development. Please help us made this possible every Easter and Christmas as we made a promise to those kids. In 2017 funds are needed for: Spring/Summer – school activities.

In 2017 funds are needed for:

The Mirth Bearing Women of Baia Mare

The Mirth Bearing Women from Baia Mare, maintain a constant and monthly activity of charitable work offering hundreds of packages with food to families with very low income or no income at all. During Christmas and Easter feasts the Association prepares and distributes packages with food to more than 350- 380 families, which includes over 200 children. The association donates clothes and furniture and have organized a variety of activities at the center for kids focusing on educational, social, religious and recreational aspects. The children are supported with school supplies, clothing, shoes and other funds for their daily lives.

In 2017 funds are needed for: SPOC will continue to support these programs and will commit to sell the crafts handmade by the kids at local fundraising events.

The Village of Children at Valea Plopului

On March 11th, a terrible accident shook the community of Valea Plopului, where Father Nicolae Tanase is tirelessly caring for hundreds of abandoned children and needy families: a fire completely destroyed one of their two story compounds. Fortunately nobody was inside at the time of the accident, although the damage was very severe. We responded quickly by offering $4,000 in an effort to offset part of the losses. In 2017 funds are needed to further help in the reconstruction process.