A brief update from a ongoing activity: Happy Children in Braila!

28 children from Braila Preschool project received during last week of September, 2016, a $500 worth value of school supply from our donors. We share with you the joy from their faces and some pictures that have been sent to us by Mrs. Perianu – the teacher that carries for these children with many social challenges like of her own. We also share a thank you note addressed to our charity by Mrs. Perianu on behalf of the children. We would like to thank all of our volunteers, donors and partners that by God’s grace enabled us to bring a sun-shine and some hope where is so much needed:

“Today I sent photos of happy children to Saint Paraskeva Charity. Since I have come to know the members of this organization (although only through e-mails) I had the most beautiful year of my life! The kids received this year through your help everything that they have dreamed about: clothing, food, shoes, backpack, toys and school supply. We have never been so happy! I believe that God has sent some angels in the world to help all those struggling with poverty! For us, those angels have been you. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING!”

Mrs. Perianu, preschool teacher, Braila, September 28, 2016