UPDATE: Saint Nicholas Shoes – Winter Clothing Distribution

For the past month Colegiul Sfantul Nicolae, Iasi, Romania (The St Nicholas School, Iasi) was the humble recipient of a generous donation from Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity in the amount of $2,000 that purchased 100 pairs of winter shoes for school children for the underserved areas of Iasi.

Today, after a local site visit  we realized that the real and urgent need for shoes are not just for 100 children but for 800 in total. The cost of a pair of shoes is $20, thus we’d like to raise an additional $14,000 to purchase shoes for the remaining 700 children. If you would like to help us please click here.

Another hardship encountered is at the local school in Piscu Rusului region, where they are in urgent need of replacing the windows to the school to ensure adequate protection and warm conditions for the students.

The cost of renovating and replacing the windows at the school is $2,500. For more information about this local initiative in Romania please click here.

With your kind and generous donation we are confident that we can help these children this winter. God bless everyone for opening their hearts this Christmas season to those near and far. Thank you!