The Social Settlement of Saint Onuphrius Project – Update

April 2015 update

Location: Floresti Monastery, Cluj, Romania – local website: ASOCIATIA FILANTROPICA “SFANTUL ONUFRIE”

THANK YOU to our private donors, who have opened their hearts during this Easter to help support our Saint Onuphrius project.

Your generous donations have helped us to raise $13,000, that will go towards the purchase of a much needed new vehicle of transportation for the settlement.

Our beneficiaries send their heartfelt thank yous to all of you for your kind and generous support.

Four new family-style houses are being built, to house a maximum of 80 orphaned children. Two new buildings are ready to house and receive approximately 30 – 40 new orphans in June 2015.

$15,000 has been provided by our charity in the first quarter of 2015 to furnish the children’s living and activity quarters of the two buildings. We welcome your support in seeing this important project up and running by June 2015.

Donations can be made directly on our website or by mail at our office address.

Thank you for your generous support and continued partnership.