The Rasca Project: The Joy of the Impoverished – Update

April 2015 update

“People are the light” says Father Andrei, Project Coordinator.

2015 is off to a great start as Father Andrei continues his mission bringing kids and poor people together, helping them with food and education through religion. He has created a tradition where every Sunday kids to come to Rasca Place to have lunch together, learn prayers, pray together and socialize.


Father Andrei’s would like to to buy a Van to be able to transport food and other necessary donation items around the country to people in need. In addition, he plans to  purchase a bus to transport kids from the village to the Rasca Place situated up on the hill at the top of the village. As the number of kids coming on Sundays are increasing a bigger transportation vehicle is necessary to bring all of them up. Work is progressing on finishing the construction of a proper paved country road that will make the commute from the village to the Rasca Place up on the hill more accessible and practical to reach.

Plans are in place to built a house for a family with 10 kids in the city of Mures and two other additional houses later in the year for family in serious need of adequate shelter and protection. More details on these house projects to follow soon.

Father’s regular charitable activities can be followed on his blog here (currently only available in Romanian).

After many years of hard work, dedication and helping people in his parish and here in Chicago, with the help of only a few volunteers and the St. Paraskeva Orthodox Charity, Father Andrei continues his mission bringing light for those in need.

“My dream in this beautiful place called Rasca, is to bring hope to countless impoverished children abandoned by their parents too poor to care for them. Children rejected by their own families and for struggling people of all ages.”

This year alone, Fr. Andrei has provided vital assistance to thousands of children in Romania’s forgotten villages. On a regular basis, he travels several times a week from village to village from state to state, delivering much needed food and water supplies, emergency medical supplies, clothes, blankets, and even candles for light, for those without electricity.

Some of the most vulnerable needy population, benefited from aid supplies such as a washing machine,  heating radiators and even a cow to help them sustain their livelihoods.


These are just a few examples of the admirable work that Fr. Andrei carries out, on behalf of our charity in Romania.

2014 was a very productive year for Fr. Andrei and his volunteers in Rasca, Suceava Romania.

Their dedication and hard work have transformed the lives of so many needy people.

Our  2014 video  and 2013 video montages prepared by volunteers demonstrate their activities and commitment.