Please help us support the March for Life in 500 cities across Romania and Moldova

The March for Life needs an immediate budget of $3,000 so it keeps its schedule and viability according to the plan in all 500 cities across Romania and Moldova. The birth rate between 1960 and 2010, is in decline from 2.3 to 1.3 children / woman. Worldwide, Romania is the penultimate country regarding birthrate. From 1958 to 2008, 22 million Romanian babies were aborted. 22 million Romanian babies were killed. That is equal to Romania’s entire population today. Some say, “They are not babies, they are embryos and fetuses.” But what does an embryo become? What does a fetus become? They become a baby when they are born that grows into adulthood like you and me.

At conception a human soul exists in the womb. At conception a human body begins in the shape of one, beautiful cell that if allowed can grow into an amazing servant of God. One who can follow the two most important commandments to love God and to love one’s neighbor. At six weeks a heartbeat is detectable. It is the heartbeat of a human being. How can we say it is okay to intentionally stop that human heartbeat?

Please kindly donate any amount you can so we can support the brave students for life across Romania and Moldova who are taking a stand by walking in the March for Life in a show of unity against the killing of precious, human life. Thank you for your stand and support and may God bless you all!

We sincere hope that you will consider supporting this cause by donating bellow:

For more details about the March for Life click here. (Romanian)