Become the light!

I did not choose such a fast,” says The Lord: ”rather loose every bond of wrong doing; untie the knots of violent dealings; cancel the depth of the oppressed; and tear apart every unjust contract. Break your bread for the hungry, and bring the homeless poor into your house. If you see a naked man, clothe him, nor shall you disregard your offerings in your own household.Then your light shall break forth as the morning,and your healing shall spring forth quickly. Your righteous shall go before you, and the glory of God shall cover you.”

Isaiah 58:6-8

As we begin our journey through Great Lent, we are often drawn back to the Resurrection service and think: Can we carry this light into every day of the year? There is no more remarkable moment then the Easter Lent in which we all are preparing to receive the light of the resurrected Christ in our hearts but this is also a great opportunity to become The Light in other people’s challenges in particular to those in great need. Offering a meal, a tooth brush, a pair of shows, a back pack with school supply or an outfit for a freezing child could become the light we offer in a dark and silent world of poverty. When a glow begins to emanate from behind the iconostasis at Easter the priests lifts up the candle and with a voice coming from the heavens, declares:

Come receive the light”

We then share the light from his candle with each other and in moments, there are many candles driving back the darkness—just as Christ drove back the darkness of death. How we can be the light in other peoples life? The answer is fairly simple: through prayer and good works. Every contribution you make to Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity is your candle of light against the darkness that sometimes seems to envelop our world.

When you donate to Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity you help create bundles of candles, capable of lighting even the darkest corners of many children from beloved land of Romania.As we travel through Great Lent together, please prayerfully consider a gift to SPOC, and join us as we strive to share the light of Christ with those facing the darkness of great need.

Would you consider being a partner with us? With a small commitment every month the Easter light you offer to others, becomes our own light that helps us rise spiritually above the surrounding darkness, poverty, hunger disease an suffering as a bout that carries on through the entire year. Please consider becoming a monthly donor by registering your donations on right here, on our website. We thank for your partnership, you can read our eight year report reflecting your gracious donations.

Christ is Risen! April, 2019

Mariana Cuceu, MD, MPH

President ([email protected])

Easter Lent Pondering

When is in your power to do good withhold not, because alms delivers from death”

St Polycarp of Smyrna

Visit the sick, console the distressed, and do not make your longing for prayer a pretext for turning away from anyone who asks for your help. Love is greater then prayer.”

St. Simeon The New Theologian

The only valuables on earth are good works done for Christ: these win us the grace of the Holy Spirit”

St Seraphim of Sarov

Wealth can be very destructive for man when it is not distributed to the poor for the benefit of our soul and for the souls of our departed. Giving alms to people who are suffering, widows, orphans and so on is also very helpful for the repose of the souls of those who have passed away.”

Elder Paisios of Mount Athos

Works of piety are an excellent burial garment. Make your departure dressed in the full regalia of your good deeds”

St Bazil The Great

Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity wishes you a Blessed and Holy  Pascha!

Christ is Risen!