Physical Therapy for Children in Giurgiu, Romania

In Giurgiu the parents of over 50 children who suffer from severe physical and cognitive disabilities have joined efforts to help their situations. This parents have an extremely difficult time holding regular jobs, as their children’s disabilities require permanent assistance, such as special nutrition, diaper changing and extensive treatment programs. These families have been working together to raise money by selling handmade crafts such as cards, candle stands, decorations, but this is far from enough to cover their needs.


Physical therapy is a critical component of treatment for these children, as it can make a tremendous difference in their quality of life. However, the expertise and equipment required are not available at the center. Saint Paraskeva Charity has committed to help implement a rehabilitation program to address this needs, as well as to support the overall activity of the group. Let us bring a smile to these children faces by giving them a hand and a glimpse of hope!