Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

At this time of joyful celebration we give thanks to our God and our beloved intercessor Saint Paraskeva that we arrived once again at this blessed moment when we all received the light of our New Born Christ!  Thank you for your  generous support, prayers and team collaboration during the entire year of 2019. We can only pray to God that we remain committed to our cause and we hope that we multiply our extended family in the years to come.

I am sharing with you the joy that we have created with gifts and packages that we have sent in our sites to cover  thousands of children needs to include: shoes, clothing, school supplies, food and all types of sweets as well as local urgent needs such as kitchen supply for soup kitchens, winter utilities to provide heat for children and so many more. The gifts arrived gradually and in time just to be distributed before Christmas! What a miracle this can be!  We also provided some Christmas gifts for our volunteers in Romania that work so hard to sustain those operations. Some of them told me that they have never received a Christmas gift in the last few years…because nobody things of them… our love touched them and their love touches us and becomes the instrument of change for good.

Only in the month of December we where able to release for Christmas  $15,376  totaling grants for all our sites to cover  Christmas needs for thousands of children.  We made thousands of children very Happy once again. Behind this wonderful work there is a lot of sacrifice of few SPOC volunteers that have been committed to move this work forward one more year. To those that labored for these children please receive  your reward – a token of appreciation fashioned and carried on by  their joy. Your help makes them feel that there is somebody that care and looks after their needs!

I also take a moment to call on all of you to asses and think forward on what you can do and how you can get more evolved in this sacred mission in the years to come. We look forward to our collaboration in 2020.

We pray and we hope that we can maintain this flame of joy moving forward that is so critical for our missions continuity. We wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mariana Cuceu, MD, MPH