Letter Number 6: Letter From a 12 Year Old Boy

The letter below is part of our ongoing Pascha series about families and children who have been supported by your donations to Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity. We hope that these words from our children will show how impactful your donations have been and inspire you to continue to help our children, especially as we celebrate Palm Sunday and prepare for the Feast of Feasts.

“I beseech you, let us be imitators of Christ: in this regard it is possible to imitate Him: this makes a man like God: this is more than human. Let us hold fast to Mercy: she is the schoolmistress and teacher of that higher Wisdom. He that has learned to show mercy to the distressed, will learn also not to resent injuries; he that has learned this, will be able to do good even to his enemies. Let us learn to feel for the ills our neighbors suffer, and we shall learn to endure the ills they inflict.”

(Homily 14 on the Acts of the Apostles)

My name is Marian and I am twelve years old. I have two older brothers. The Holy Archangels Association of Vatra Dornei was our home since I was four years old. I recall the first days I spent there and how I found and felt the harmony I needed so much at that time. This place  is the universe of my childhood; it was there where I learn how to play with other kids, and I always felt protected.

I am really glad to attend church services, especially The Holy Liturgy. I understood the role of The Saints as intercessors between God and people. At the end of grade three, during summer vacation, I had the opportunity to go in a trip to Iasi. During this trip we visited the metropolitan cathedral in Iasi. There, I could venerate the relics of Saint Paraskeva. Our tour guide talked about Saint Paraskeva and this stirred up my curiosity to learn more about Saint Paraskeva. Later I read the life of Saint Paraskeva and this resonated with me. The sacrificial love Saint Paraskeva had for people touched me in a profound way. Saint Paraskeva became my friend and even though I do not see her with my physical eyes I feel her presence, especially in times when I ask her help. Saint Paraskeva is ready to help even if for only an instant if I turn my mind to her.

I finished grade five and six with good grades, and I owe God this gift and desire to learn, and to understand new concepts. I believe that all the gifts and donations from the generous and caring people are the result of our prayers to Saint Paraskeva and her intercessions in front of God. We express our gratitude and appreciation to Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity for their help, we pray for them to Saint Paraskeva, their Patron, and we see this as a providential answer of our prayers to Saint Paraskeva. Our prayers are turned in thanksgiving for all the good things that we receive.

Prayer is helping me to find my inner peace and this makes my studying more efficient. I consider myself a happy kid, especially being part of this big family Father Mihail Negrea built with so much kindness and love. In my prayers to Saint Paraskeva I asked her intercessions for health and happiness for all those who are taking care of us and to all our benefactors. May God bless all their good deeds.