Letter Number 4: Letter From Steliana (IASI Project)

“When then you see a poor believer, think that you behold an altar: when you see … a beggar, not only insult him not, but even reverence him.” (Homily 20 on 2 Corinthians)

Saint Paraskeva has helped me a lot. Whenever I needed her, she came to my side and I felt she was near me. When I had an important test at school, although I had studied for that test, because of emotions and stress, I had forgotten the information, so I thought of Saint Paraskeva and she helped me remember. In the evening or in the morning when I pray, I feel her presence with me and especially when I am sad or doing badly in something and I lose my confidence in myself; she helps me to understand things and think positively. I will never forget what she has done for me and that’s why I try to go as far I can to thank her.

–Steliana (14 years old)