Give children joy and hope at this Christmas

Give children joy and hope at this Christmas is our last fundraising campaign for the year.

Sometimes, the simplest way to spread hope and joy is through sharing our gifts with those who do not have as much.

The winter is coming and some of the Romanian children live in desolate places. Their houses are cold and they go to sleep hungry.

In spite of this the little children have hopes and dreams. Maybe one day someone will provide the necessary things to make them happy. For many of us it will take just a little to help these children smile. We started our fundraising campaign for food, toys, clothes, and other Christmas gifts to be purchased for the most impoverished children of Romania. Whether you donate $5 or more you will wipe a tear from the face of a needy child at this Christmas. Together we can make a better Christmas for the Romanian impoverished children. We thank you in advance for your support. May God abundantly reward you for your generosity!

Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity is a faith based non-profit organization focusing to locate and help directly children or families in critical need of support that for some reason remained marginalized or unreached by other charities or organizations.

We implement our fundraising strategy with responsible and transparent Romanian non-profit organizations that have developed locally based successful programs in caring for abandoned, orphaned, or socially deprived children.

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