Christ is Risen!

Dear Saint Paraskeva Donors, Members, Volunteers and Brethren in Christ,

This most joyous time of the year is upon us let us happily wish you “Christ is Risen!”.

Christ Is Risen

As we celebrate this Holy Feast, we would like to offer our utmost gratitude for your generous donations and continuous support to our charity. Our charity, like many other charities has faced challenging financial times, yet thanks to your continuous support and appreciation, has been able to advance its important operations in Romania.

Significant progress has been made in 2014, thanks to more than $120,000 received in cash donations from generous donors like you that has directly impacted more than 1,000 local beneficiaries.

We hope that at this time of celebration you will remember those in need and that you will continue to support our most important operations and our beneficiaries, the children of Romania. May God, through the intercession prayers of Saint Paraskeva, the protective Saint of Romania, the Balkans and our charitable organization grant us all the strength to persevere in His grace so that we all may be partakers of His Holy Resurrection!

Christ is Risen!

Mariana Cuceu