Building Homes and Hopes for impoverished Romanian children

Over 51% of children of Romania are at poverty level; this is a big percentage compared to Bulgaria, Spain, Letonia, Greece where this is bellow 35%. We need to provide shelters for some of these children. With your support, we can offer them the help they need so desperately.

Homes that we can build together will be places where these kids can find ideal places to grow in harmony towards a brighter future. Every donation you make will be a ‘brick’ on the foundation of this project. Let us be builders and founders of homes for impoverished kids in Romania!

Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity is a faith based non-profit organization focusing to locate and help directly children or families in critical need of support that for some reason remained marginalized or unreached by other charities or organizations.

We implement our fundraising strategy with responsible and transparent Romanian non-profit organizations that have developed locally based successful programs in caring for abandoned, orphaned, or socially deprived children.

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