Braila Preschool Project: Dream. Hope. Love. Joy

It all started with a DREAM. The dream that Santa Claus will visit the poor children of Preschool Nr 31. Braila, where Mrs. Eugenia Perianu is a teacher.

With HOPE in their hearts, they reached out to us to make it possible for the extremely poor children to have a Christmas gift, maybe the only one they will receive this year!

God gave us the most precious gift of all: his only Son. How could we have said “no” to the needs of these children? With tremendous LOVE, we made sure that each of the 28 children received: 1 outfit, 1 pajama, one pair of sleepers and a bag of candy! The remaining 48 children (with a better financial situation) received a bag of sweets. The total cost of our sponsorship was $550!

So much JOY in the eyes of these children and their teachers with so little effort!

The project continued in the spring and for Easter the children received clothing for Church and a bag of food with a total sponsorship from SPOC of $1200.

With the help of good-hearted people we succeeded once again in September to put a smile on their faces. When they came to school each child received a backpack and school supplies along with shoes, clothing and a lot of new educational toys. In addition Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity provided a budget of $500 for school supply for all these challenged children for the 2016-2017 school year.

Thank you to all who made this possible!

Let us work together and keep this project alive and make sure every Holiday they will have a sparkle in their eyes because we made their lives a little happier thru the gift of giving!
God Bless us all!