We wish you a Joyful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

As we approach the joyful celebration of the Holy Nativity of Christ we give thanks to our God and our beloved intercessor Saint Paraskeva that we arrived once again at this blessed moment. Our words cannot express the gratitude we have for your generous support, prayers and team collaboration during the entire year of 2020.

In spite of the pandemic fears and economic loss that came upon us in 2020, YOU, our beloved FAMILY of donors and volunteers, stood up and continued to remember those in most need! We can only thank God for your commitment to the sick and the poor of Romania!

The joy that we have created with the gifts and packages of food that have been delivered in our projects to help thousands of children include: shoes, clothing, school supplies and tuition, food and all types of sweets. Many urgent local needs such as kitchen supplies for soup kitchens, refrigerators, winter utilities to provide heat for children, and so many more were fulfilled at our working projects all across Romania. The gifts arrived in time and our local volunteers, myself included, have been very busy distributing them all over Romania as Christmas is approaching! What a miracle this is! … Our love touches them and their love touches us and becomes the instrument of change for good.

In Q4 of this year alone we were able to release $71,950  in grants for all our projects to cover educational and Christmas needs for thousands of children and families in need all across Romania. Thousands of children and hundreds of families living in devastating poverty received a glimpse of happiness once again – all thanks to your generosity.

Behind this wonderful work there is the committed and loving sacrifice of our volunteers who have been determined to move this work forward one more year. To all those who labored for these children in desperate needs, please receive your reward – a token of appreciation fashioned and carried on by the children’s joy. Your love for the neighbor has penetrated across the globe in spite of global pandemic difficulties!

We pray and we hope for health and peace in the world in 2021. As we give thanks to God in these moments of Royal celebration we also pray to The Almighty that we can continue to build this flame of joy moving forward in the years to come. With utmost gratitude, we wish you all from our heart Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the beloved land of Romania!

Mariana Cuceu, MD, MPH