The Chidren of Glodeanu – Update

April 2015 update

“The children’s gratitude and faith in God, shines brightly” says Fr. Marian, Project Coordinator

Our satisfaction is big, although it comes from the small things and the small children of Glodeanu, whose faces light up as they receive a new backpack filled with supplies and a new set of clothes and school uniform to start the new school year.  The children are there for each other and love helping out at the community center, like Maria, who loves coming in early to clean up and prepare what is needed for when the rest of the children arrive.

A shy, 14 year old girl, Loredana, is one of the newest beneficiaries, who Father Marian, saw wondering around the community center, in shoes that were inadequate to walk in for the cold and rainy weather.  He brought her in and offered her a pair of new boots and a new backpack. The community center run by Fr. Marian, has so far provided assistance to more than 38 children in offering them the necessary supplies to succeed in school and the spiritual guidance to have a better outlook on life and to understand that it is possible to have a brighter outlook on their present situation and on their future.