Thank you for joining us at our 9th Year Anniversary Fundraiser!

Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me

says The Lord in Mark 9:37

It has been a great blessing for us to be in Bayside NY on the night of Oct 12, 2019 with the occasion of 9th Anniversary Fundraising Event and I would like  to praise Our Lord for our successful and communal gathering. It is through the intersessions of the prayers of  our beloved Saint Paraskeva and through Her revealed love into the hearts of all those that labored to bring us together that we managed to accomplish a very special gathering.  I would like to bring our utmost appreciation to our hosts – Saint Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church and their loving  parishioners for their hours of labor that went towards the second fundraising event that we organized in NY area. And I can only pray that we can strive to  establish a tradition of such events in the community of New York city.  Second I would like to thank our 100 adults guests and 27 children that graciously responded to our call. The room was filled at capacity. Your generosity and your love have penetrated the heart of us all and your loving donations will shine as a light in the lives of these needed children of Romania!

In the night of October 12, 2019  we all raised a voice on behalf of all the abandoned children  of Romania and have invited you to stay in touch with us in a more regular commitment in a longer journey and perhaps a bit more regular journey though a monthly donation on our website. Any amount and more importantly the regular donations makes a huge difference in these children lives. Let me give you some examples: a $4 donation (equivalent to a coffee in US) provides for a meal/child in these social centers. And I have the confidence that you will continue to respond by registering for a monthly PayPal donation.

Father Arsenie Boca said that the children are those who bring us peace. Children brought peace to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And He said: ‘“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these”.

On behalf of our charity and all our volunteers, the children, the poor and the sick that we serve, please receive our utmost appreciation for yours ongoing participation , for your donations and your love. May God bless you all and His Peace be with you ALL!

Mariana Cuceu, MD, MPH


Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity