Support Childhood Education in Romania!

Our youth are the future of Romania. Helping to provide a quality education for them is more critical now than ever. WITH THIS PANDEMIC CRISIS IT IS VITAL TO SUPPORT THESE UNFORTUNATE CHILDREN! All children should be provided with an equal opportunity to be successful learners. It is unfair that there are many who are living in poverty or abandoned, and do not have access to the educational resources they need. In Romania, 1 out of 3 children from rural areas abandon school because of economic hardships. 90% of all orphaned children are abandoned due to economic hardship and therefore have a hard time going to school.

SPOC now has 20 active projects throughout Romania and supports over 1,000 children across the country. Some of these children will need shoes to go to class, others will need backpacks, books, notebooks pencils and laptops. Still others will need assistance with paying their yearly tuition. We hope that you will partner with us in our efforts to provide educational support to these children as we work together to bring smiles to their faces and hope for a brighter future.

Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity is a faith based non-profit organization focusing to locate and help directly children or families in critical need of support that for some reason remained marginalized or unreached by other charities or organizations.

We implement our fundraising strategy with responsible and transparent Romanian non-profit organizations that have developed locally based successful programs in caring for abandoned, orphaned, or socially deprived children.

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