Ping Pong and Chess Tournament, 2013

Thank you for your interest in Saint Paraskeva Charity Organization, we are glad you decided to join us for this great event! If you like to play Ping Pong or Chess, or you just want to learn more about our Saint Paraskeva Charity Organization while having some Romanian food, then we look forward to see you!

Free parking in park side of Dunham Park on W.Giddings Str at diagonal parking and also in park side of Dunham Park on N. Melvina Ave.

Register by e-mail

If you want to register by e-mail, simply send an email to [email protected] with your name and your phone number where we can reach you, along with the best time to contact you.

Register in person

If you want to register in person, please stop by our location: Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity, 5410 N Newland Ave, Chicago, IL, 60656-2026 (same as Saint Constantin and Helen Church) at the book sale store. Fliers will be available there, and you can also receive donation receipt and tax deductible letters if needed.

Fill up the registration form on the back of our flier and drop-it off along with the payment. You may ask to drop the payment with Petruta Dolha or Father Vasile Muresan to make sure these proceedings go to our charity and your name is recorded for the ping pong competition. Do not forget to keep the receipt and bring-it with you at the event.

We prefer to register all participants BEFORE the competition starts at 9:30AM on Saturday March 16th at Dunham Park 4638 N. Melvina Ave Chicago, IL. 60630 (West of intersection Lawrence and Austin), in order to prevent any delays. Please call the contact numbers if you need directions.

If you will arrive a little later than 9:30AM, please call the numbers from our flier and give us your information as we cannot bypass the qualifying stage.


You must be at least 18yo to register for the event by yourself. All children under 18 must register by an adult and be with adult supervision at all times during the tournament.

Kids of all ages are very welcomed as long as they are within parent’s supervision.

You need to check-in after you register in the event if you want to play in any of the competitions.

For check-in you need the following:

  • Sports shoes, they are required to comply with the location policy. In case you want to participate in the Ping Pong competition, we recommend wearing appropriate sport outfit;
  • Be prompt in person at 9:30AM on Saturday March 16th at Dunham Park 4638 N. Melvina Ave Chicago, IL. 60630.
  • Be there 15-20 minutes earlier. In case you are late, call us or e-mail us in advance, to make sure your spot is booked.
  • All competitions will start a little after “warm up” time and they all end at 3:00PM.
  • Completed Sign-in at the front desk to comply with location insurance policy;
  • Event Registration form completed
  • If you plan to play Ping Pong , read and understand Ping Pong competition rules
  • If you plan to play in other competitions for other games, contact event organizer or staff members for competition rules.
  • Receive payment receipt upon payment. Note: Food and beverages are freely given away to all the event participants, but we suggest a MINIMUM 30$ donation per person to cover our event cost. If you registered online please print your Pay Pal confirmation number as evidence for your payment.

Thank you for your interest in Saint Paraskeva’s Charity Organization event, we look forward to see you on Saturday March 16th at Dunham Park 4638 N. Melvina Ave Chicago, IL. 60630. God bless all of you!

Ping Pong tournament rules

Our location is equipped with all the right conditions to host a Ping Pong tournament in a professional manner. We would offer our own pads and balls, but you may bring your own if you wish.The first three places are going to get a prize form Saint Paraskeva Charity Organization and our sponsors.All Ping Pong games will follow official ITTF Ping-Pong rules; you can find all this rules at the page below:

There are few exceptions from these ITTF Ping-Pong rules that we would be having in our tournament.Contest will include either 32 or 64 participants playing in group stages (depending on how many people will sign up in the tournament, but either 32 or 64).Players are encouraged to secure their places in the competition as fast as possible, so it will be first come-first served basis. When 64 participants are ready to become players the Draw for Group Stages may begin and Ping Pong competition registration automatically ends. The Draw for Group Stages is to select the group’s headers and integrate all participants in the game. Please arrive 15-20 min before 10AM to complete the sign in and clear for Group Stages draw.Only participants completing the check-in will be admitted for Group Stages draw.Games will be the best out of 3 sets.In each set there will be 21 serves (not 11 like in ITTF).If a score of 20-20 is reached in any game, then each server serves only one point and then the server is switched.After each game set, the players switch table sides, there will be no changing sides if one of the players does not want to change.The Great Finale will be played the best out of 5 sets, following the same above rules ITTF with the same above exceptions.All tournament participants would be having the obligation to be referee’s and since is a charity event, referee’s role will be embraced by the players waiting by for playing and/or the ones already eliminated. It is recommended the 2 players while playing should agree about the score at all times.After admitted for Draw for Group Stages, please let the organizers know in case you have to leave.All players not present at the start of the tournaments will be considered disqualified.Since is a charity event, registration fees are not returnable and will be considered donations.Food is not included in the registration fees, therefore we appreciate your interest in purchasing our food and we also welcome all your additional donations; our event organizers will present our charity cases at the time of the tournaments.Do not forget, this is a charity event, so please keep a decent behavior and use an appropriate language, and of course be patient and have consideration for the other participants.All other questions prior the tournament may be asked on-line or in person to our contact phone numbers. During the event you may ask your questions to any of the organizers.

Chess tournament rules

Chess tournament will develop in the background of the Ping Pong tournament, while people wait their turns to the Ping Pong tables, or just simply do not play Ping Pong, but just Chess.For Chess rules visit In our Chess tournament, the winner will be the player scoring the higher number of points by playing with as many players as possible.There will be one point accrued for a tie and 3 points accrued for a victory. No points will be given to the player loosing the game.When playing Chess, time is of essence and we want to encourage people to play as many games as possible, so do not wait for anybody to call you in a game, challenge any opponent you did not played before and report your score points to the organizers.The first three places are going to get a prize form Saint Paraskeva Charity Organization and our sponsors.