Over $10.000 raised during our 4th Annual Soccer Tournament!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your participation to our 4th Annual Soccer Tournament.

On behalf of all of us at Saint Paraskeva Orthodox charity and all the children from Romania, a big thank you to all participants, everyone who showed up and supported us on Sunday, to all who couldn’t make it but were there with their heart, and all our sponsors and donors!

A special thank you to our main sponsor DVL Express Inc, Oleksandr Dovgal, Cvs Trucking, George Comsa, Tak Trucking, and Compass Holdings!

Because of people like you we were able to raise exactly $10,003 and we can offer a hot meal to dozens of poor children, we can offer shelter to abused mothers, medicine and care to sick children! And because of you a lot of children will not go to sleep with empty belies, because you care and bring hope and smiles! So THANK YOU again and again! May God repay you tenfold!