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Our Active Projects

Since it’s establishment in 2010 Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity has led and implemented global and local operations in over 31 communities all across Romania. Our mission and activity focus are in supporting children’s growth, education and well being. This work has been carried out in collaboration with local nonprofit organizations in Romania that conduct operations under high standards of professionalism, financial accountability, transparency and Christian values. Over 3000 children across Romania have benefited from our charitable activities and donations to date and although words do not always paint a picture of the impact of our philanthropic endeavors we would like to highlight the following projects that significantly changed the livelihoods of our beneficiaries.

Thank you to all our fundraisers, donors and supporters for partnering with our mission of   bettering the lives of future generations of Romanian children and their families.

Braila Preschool Project: Dream. Hope. Love. Joy


It all started with a DREAM. The dream that Santa Claus will visit the poor children of Preschool Nr 31. Braila, where Mrs. Eugenia Penaru is a teacher. With HOPE in their hearts, they reached out to us to make it possible for the extremely poor children to have a Christmas gift, maybe the only one they will receive this year! (more…)

School of Varlaam Scholarships


Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity(SPOC) is embarking on a new partnership, that now offers educational opportunities for Romanian’s most vulnerable children in partnership with the “Varlaam School” project developed by the Varlaam Mitropolitul Fundation. (more…)

The Social Settlement “Saint Onuphrius”


Family-style houses for the Protection of Children Facing Hardship is constructed on a land donated by the Protection of the Holy Virgin Monastery in the immediate vicinity of the Floresti Monastery. (more…)

The Village of Children – Valea Plopului


From children abandoned by their parents in hospitals, to those picked up from the streets, to women or, sometimes, entire families lacking means of a decent living – they al find shelter in the Valea Plopului campus. Over 1,600 people have been supported since Father Nicolae Tanase started this project in 1990. (more…)

Melita’s story of faith and courage. Turda, Cluj County

Melita, a 13-year-old school girl, suffers from a life threatening disease called “Epidermolysis Bullosa” for which there is no cure. The only available treatment available is the dressing of the wounds with special gauges and ointments, which amounts to $800/month. Despite her debilitating disease, Melita “the butterfly” has kept her faith and studies hard to receive excellent grades.

Gaudeamus Scholarship Program, Cluj City

This is a Nonprofit initiative dedicated to help highly achieving students from poor rural areas in Cluj county continue their education at prestigious schools in Cluj-Napoca. Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity is supporting with school tuition these local efforts. (more…)

The Association of Myrrh Bearing Women of Baia Mare, Maramures County

The Association of Myrrh Bearing Women, through its ongoing charitable work, supports over 1,700 families, 750 children and 100 youth with disabilities, all with very low income or no income, across the county Maramures. (more…)

Physical Therapy for Children in Giurgiu, Romania


In Giurgiu the parents of over 70 children who suffer from severe physical and cognitive disabilities have joined efforts to help their situations. This parents have an extremely difficult time holding regular jobs, as their children’s disabilities require permanent assistance, such as special nutrition, diaper changing and extensive treatment programs. (more…)

Rasca: The Joy of the Impoverished


Rasca is a little village in Suceava County, Romania, that promises to bring hope to countless impoverished people in the region. Rasca is home to a new building, still under construction, that will offer shelter and support for those in need and serve as a base for the ministry’s founder, Father Andrei. (more…)

Children of Glodeanu and Gagesti Vilages Vrancea


Starvation, illness, and extreme poverty are daily challenges for over 280 children and their families living in a small village, Glodeanu, Romania. Sick and without employment opportunities, these parents struggle to meet the most basic of needs, sometimes enduring multiple days passing without the hope of a meal. (more…)

 Marcus Orphanage


Mother Serafima rebuilt the Marcu Monastery sanctuary, establishing a Nuns Convent there, but also took on  the responsibility of raising 11 orphans, who were given  into her care at the very young ages of 2, 3 and 4 months old. The children were abandoned in hospitals, many of them in poor health, suffering from rickets, mental and emotional disabilities and with no one to comfort them. (more…)

Saint Nicholas Shoes Project

As children in Romania, each one of us grew up with the St. Nicholas tradition, the first holiday of Christmas season. We are trying hard to bring a smile to deprived children, by providing some relief of their burden. (more…)

Romania For Life Project – Bucharest City

The Romania for Life association has pro-life activities which incorporate concrete help for more than 150 pregnant women with abortion risk in The Saint Alexandra Empress Center in Bucharest previosu to and for the first few months after delivery. (more…)

The MagiCamp Project – Bucharest City

MagiCamp is the most vibrant solidarity network in Romania that improves the health and well-being of children, teens and young adults diagnosed with cancer and other severe conditions across the entire country. Since 2018 Saint Paraskeva has partnered with Caravana MagiCamp. (more…)

Our Closed Projects

We are no longer accepting donations for these projects.

Georgiana, an exemple of faith and life for all of us


Georgiana was a 17 years old girl whose life was a story of a continuous fight, from day one. At her birth Georgiana’s parents, Michael and Marinela, discovered that their daughter was suffering from a rare and incurable disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

I want a Home


“I Want Home” is a one-year-old initiative of the Romanian organization “I Love Children” aiming to reduce the high abandonment rate of new-born children in Romania. (more…)