Message from His Eminence NICOLAE, Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan of the Americas

HE-NicolaeThe Gospel parable of the final judgment from St. Matthew chapter 25 is a constant reminder to examine our deeds and to not for­get the weak among us. In this parable, those on the right, who fulfilled the Christian works of mercy, along with those on the left who have not fulfilled these deeds, both wonder­ when they might have seen Christ hungry or thirsty or naked or sick or in prison. Each of us has this great tempta­tion not to recognize those in need and, especially, not to recognize Christ in our neighbors. Therefore, any effort to identify the hungry or naked or sick and to urge others to help them must be considered a great help for salvation.

Saint Paraskeva Ortho­dox Charity urges people to identify and help the hungry, naked and sick.  The needs of those around us are many. We must nei­ther ignore them nor give up because of our scarce resources. Maybe those in need are waiting just for a kind word or an urge to faith and hope. If we can also add to this some of the material world, we will fulfill what Christ is requiring of us. And we will have the joy of meeting Christ Himself and to find God who enlight­ens us and gives mean­ing to our life. On the eve of the feast of the Nativity of Christ it is useful to re­member and follow this message.

+NICOLAE, Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan of the Americas