Merry Christmas!

By the birth of Christ, the natural Son of God made us children of God by adoption. He gave us Himself as a symbol and example in all these things that we may follow his example and win the eternal gifts — life everlasting and endless bliss — which had been lost to us through Eve’s sin and which had been restored to us through the birth of Christ.

To the Eastern Christian this is the object of Christ’s Incarnation and birth. He has granted to us His Holy Body as food that He may make us, through His Birth, his companions, and through our nourishment by Him, inheritors of His Kingdom.

He commanded us, the living, to be steadfast in our performance of this remembrance of Him, and in remembrance of His benevolence to us until he comes again to judge the world.

This is accomplished through faith by inheritance, and by transmission from the living destined to die, to the dead, who shall live again by re-generation, that salvation may extend to all men. The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist — the Divine Liturgy — the Mass — or the Lord’s Supper serves as a constant reminder to the faithful of the life of Christ — from His birth of His Virgin Mother to His Ascension — reminding us that from our birth to our death — our food for Salvation must be the food brought to us through the Birth of Jesus — whose feast we commemorate at this time.

Thank you to all our volunteers and to all our donors and supporters  for their generosity and genuine contributions though the year of 2017. May you all be all rewarded by the our Lord and King according to your kindness with his unlimited love.

In Christ,

Mariana Cuceu


Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity